It’s All About Strategy

Creating the different social media accounts is half the battle when it comes to being successful online.  While social media can have incredible pay off when used well. success does not come without strategy.  Strategy can be a make or break key when it comes to making your mark online.smm_icons

Before we get started, just a refresher on the basics.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guide to Writing for Social Media reiterates that successful social media campaigns should have four main goals: defining a target audience, determining objectives, choosing the right media for your message, and determining how much time and effort to put into it.

Another point made by the CDC is using plain language when working on social media.  Using a lot of jargon and technical terms often turns people off to whatever information you are trying to present.  The same can be said for long, dense posts.  If a person cannot easily pick out information and understand it, how can we expect them to want to engage with it?  The CDC gives a few tips when using plain language:

  • Quickly engage the reader
  • Limit use of jargon, technical, or scientific language
  • Write in active voice
  • Keep messages short
  • Write in a friendly but professional tone
  • Choose familiar terms, and use them consistently
  • Use numbers when they help you make your point

When it comes to creating content, it’s important to keep your audience in mind and cater to their needs when posting.

Creating Content

Social media won’t always be a “schedule and leave it alone” ordeal.  A lot of the time, social media pages are going to need attention and maintenance.  The CDC says social media content should be relevant, useful, engaging, easy to understand/share, friendly, and action-oriented.

If you’re running short on ideas, Forbes created a helpful list of ways to engage with your audience through content. A few examples are:

  • Create polls
  • Use infographics
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts
  • Post questions
  • Post pictures of your product, your company, or an employee
  • Ask for input and feedback

A sure-fire way of creating good, quality content is planning it out ahead of time.  Similar to writing papers in school drafting and editing can be crucial to how the content will eventually turn out.  Planning it out ahead of time also allows the content to look better put together and intentional.  It also gives you time to brainstorm different ideas and decide what ideas would work best rather than trying to throw something together last minute.

When planning ahead, it is not only about the content itself, but the day and time you plan on posting it.  If a holiday or event is coming up, your organization would want to adjust as needed.  You wouldn’t want to be posting about healthy tips for Thanksgiving in June.

Finally, it is incredibly important to listen to your audience.  What posts are getting the most attention?  Which ones are receiving the most likes, shares, or retweets?  Pay attention to what your audience is responding to and what they want to see and work from there.


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