Pin It on Health


Most people don’t necessarily think of health organizations when they think of Pinterest.  I know most of us usually think something more along the lines of cute DIY projects or ideas for new recipes to try at home, but organizations are finding innovative new ways to use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

But what even is Pinterest?  Pinterest is a social bookmarking site developed in 2009 that focuses on sharing photos that are usually linked to another page.  Users can organize their “pins” by categories on things called “boards.”  Basically it is an online version of pinning pictures to a cork board in your room, except there are millions of pictures or ideas and the boards are just a little bit bigger.  It also has the third most popular social media site behind Facebook and Twitter.



What Pinning Can Do for Your Organization

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to connect with people in terms of a visual product.  When most people think of health in terms of Pinterest, we usually think of those “Four Workouts for Toner Legs” pictures or a very (intimidatingly) in-shape model with an inspirational quote attached to it.

Organizations found that it allows access to a a specific demographic, specifically women and mothers, who are five times more likely to use Pinterest compared to men.  Women are also very influential in many health decisions in a family, therefore organizations are looking for new ways to target this demographic through social media.

Using Pinterest also allows a quick, easy way to market and promote for your organization.  Sharing infographics, flyers, PSA’s, or just information in general becomes that much easier when you can post it to your profile.  Here is an example of an infographic from GOOD Magazine


By organizing your organization’s different information into boards, it allows users to pick the board with the information they are most interested it.    Women’s Health Magazine does a great job of organizing their information into different, easily accessible boards.

Tips for Success

  1. Know Your Audience.  Keeping the user demographic of Pinterest is crucial in deciding what information you will pin and share to your organization’s page.  With more Pinterest users being women between the ages of 24 and 52 , organizations will be more likely to cater their information to this specific group.  With any organization or information, the biggest question should be, “Who are we trying to reach with this information?”
  2. Be Who You Are, Share Your Story.  Users are more likely to be trusting of an organization if they feel like they personally know them and what it is they are doing.  By posting the story of the organization or sharing behind-the-scenes pictures allows users to get a better idea and understanding of exactly what it is your organization is trying to achieve.
  3. Be Inviting.  People want to see that there are actual human beings behind the account of an organization, not just an automated computer system spewing out information.  Being personal and building relationships with your users will also create more brand recognition and a higher level of trust in your organization.

For more helpful tips, check it out here!


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