Tweet Your Way to Success

If Facebook is the “parent” idea of social media, Twitter is the teenager who is talking a million miles a minute.

Developed in 2006, Twitter has been one of the fastest growing social sites, with over 500 million users, since the development of Facebook.  I mean, is anyone shocked there?  In spite of only having 140 characters per tweet, tweeting offers a constant stream of information in shorthand.  But what even is Twitter?

Twitter is something known as a microblog, which is basically a type of blog that allows users to post short updates.  Things like Instagram or Yik Yak can also be considered microblogs.


Even if you still aren’t quite sure what a microblog is, Twitter is definitely a must-have for personal and professional social sharing.  Sign-up is simple, but here is a step by step video on how to sign up.

Tweet Your Way to #Success

I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of questions joining Twitter; Who to follow, what to tweet, how to get people to follow you, etc.  Here a few tips on how to successfully utilize twitter:

  1. Start with a good profile picture and cover photo.  This will be the first thing that anyone viewing your profile will see.  You want clear, high quality photos whether it be a selfie or the logo of your company or whatever you decide on.
  2. Be clear and concise in your bio.  Now your bio can be funny or serious or however you want to be perceived, but regardless of what tone you write in, be very clear about what you do or what your page is about.  And, with only 160-characters of space, you can’t afford to be Ernest Hemingway when explaining yourself in your bio.  Also, check, double check, and re-check for any spelling or grammar errors.  That’d be embarrassing….
  3.  Keep your tweets short and be conversational.  Keeping tweets around 100 characters is generally a good rule of thumb when tweeting just as much as being conversational is.  You want to seem approachable and knowledgeable.  Building customer relations is one of the most important things if you are creating a page for a business or organization.
  4. Take it easy on the hashtags.  Although hashtags can be useful when joining a trending topic or searching for specific key words, seeing one after every word is extremely annoying.
  5. Tweet about what you know.  Similar to writing your bio, if your page focuses on a specific topic, tweet about that topic!  If you are a fashion page, you aren’t going to go tweeting about deep sea exploration.

Mental Health America does a great job of following these general guidelines.  Both their header and profile picture are the logo of the organization, their bio is short and concise while also utilizing a hashtag, and their first few tweets show conversation with others.

Want more tips?  Check out this nifty infograph for more Twitter tips.

What Twitter Can Do for Your Organization

Along with all the funny videos and pictures out there, Twitter will give you a unique opportunity to share your information for your organization.  Promotion and marketing is made that much easier because with every retweet your information receives, that’s a whole new audience being exposed to not only the information, but the organization itself.

Twitter also allows your organization to communicate with clients or just people in general in a more relaxed setting.  If Jimmy Johns, Under Armour, or  Office Depot can utilize and master communicating with people over Twitter, I’m sure you can, too.  Remember, be personable and approachable while still being knowledgeable.

Twitter also has this cool new tool called Periscope, which is basically a live stream video that lasts for about 24 hours.  Do something fun! Live stream an event, let your audience see what it is your organization actually does.

Now, go with this information and tweet your way to your #goals!



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