Get Friendly with Facebook

In a time where staying connected is crucial to every day life, social media has taken on a life of its own with the plethora of sites and apps that allow us to keep up with the world around us.

One of the most popular, and probably the oldest of other popular apps, is Facebook.  With over 700 million registered users, Facebook takes the cake in terms of accessibility to current and future clients. People are spending more and more time time on the internet with over 22% of that time being dedicated to social media.

With more time being spent on social media, this becomes an incredible opportunity for campaigns and organizations to utilize this new medium for their own use.

Facebook is in the process of becoming a “jack-of-all-trades” in terms of social media.  They are looking to be somewhat similar to Google in the sense that they want to be the source that people come to to find information.  Surprisingly, over 40% of surveyed people said they turn to social networks (Facebook het) to find health information, whether it is health and dieting tips or finding out more about specific providers and organizations.

So What Can Facebook Do For Me?

Facebook is unique in that it offers a two-way channel of communication.  What this means is that organizations can not only connect with their audience, but their audience can connect back with them, be it through commenting, liking, or sharing.  In other words, it is perfect for marketing.

According to Healthcare Success, here are a few benefits of using Facebook:

  • It’s free, for the most part.  It’s free to sign up for and fairly easy to get started on a page. Granted, it will take some maintenance and attention to make your page successful.  You will have to stay updated with content to keep your audience interested.  The only thing that will cost you is if you were planning on advertising on the site as well.
  • It’s interactive.  Instead of just having a traditional website that merely presents information, Facebook allows organizations to communicate with their audience, have their audience communicate with them, and have their audience communicate with others.
  • It lets you brand yourself.  Making your mark on social media can be crucial to your reputation.  What you say or post about your organization directly affects how your audience will see you.

On top of these benefits, Facebook has been working on creating new feature to help non-profits and other organizations utilize Facebook more effectively.  Recently. Facebook developed a way for users to donate to a non-profit without having to leave Facebook.

There are a few organizations that nailed Facebook, creating different campaigns to get their audience involved.  Organizations like Breast Cancer Awareness and the It Gets Better Project utilized Facebook to reach a larger audience and through shares and audience participation, their content gained quite a bit of attention and traction.


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