Blogging: Yes, That’s Still a Thing

When most of us think of blogging, something along the lines of Tumblr comes to mind: pictures, videos, funny and relatable texts posts, the whole shebang.  But believe it or not, blogging can be used for so much more, and the best part is, you can blog about just about anything.

Want to blog about amazing food?  Make a food blog.

Want to share your amazing fashion sense?  Make a fashion blog.

Obsessed with how amazing your dog is?  Dedicate a blog to that beautiful mutt.


Getting Started

The hardest part of anything is getting started, whether it is getting started on a new diet, starting a new project, or even just starting your homework (guilty).

For all your basic questions (i.e. What is a blog? What does it look like? etc.) please refer to this “What is a Blog?” video.

Although blogging has an endless amount of options of things that can be blogged about, I’ve often found that people, in any form of writing, struggle with settling on a topic.  Selecting a topic sounds simple enough, but when it comes down to actually writing about it, people seem to get stuck.

If you have a food blog, is it going to be reviews of food?  Your own recipes?  A log of things you’ve eaten or made?  Tips with cooking?

The trick I’ve found is find a topic that: A) you are interested in, B) that has a wide enough scope so you can have options of entries, and C) that is narrow enough so your reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Once you’ve picked a topic, then there are matters of layout, writing style, entry ideas, etc.  The most important things to remember when blogging, regardless of topic, are:

  • Know your audience
    • It always does well to know who you would want reading your blog.  Different audiences have different needs, meaning different styles or themes may appeal to them.
  • Do research
    • You do not know everything in the world, I promise, and doing research on whatever your topic may be will make you much more credible in the long run.  You may even learn something in the process.
  • Be yourself
    • Regardless of your topic, remember this is your blog.  Your readers will come back for what you have to say, let your personality shine!

(For more tips, please see “Beginner’s Blogging Tips” and “16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout”).

Now, be on your way.  Good luck, bloggers!


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